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Dr. Orlando Buria Academic Dean oburia@gowscs.com Dr. Orlando Buria serves as the academic dean of WSCS. He holds an A.S. degree in electrical engineering technology and a B.S. degree with three majors (math, physical science, and biology) along with two minors (English and Spanish). He has an M.S. degree in science education and an M. Min. degree in ministry. Dr. Buria has also earned both an Ed.S. and a Ph.D. in educational administration. He has taught high school classes for 39 years, served as an assistant school administrator for 5 years, and as the head administrator for a Christian school for 16 years. During that time he also served as a college professor (25 years) and as a college administrator (23 years).
Dr. Dana Cline Superintendent / Interim Administrator dcline@fbws.org Dr. Dana Cline, the senior pastor of the First Baptist Church of West Seneca, serves as the superintendent of West Seneca Christian School. Dr. Cline holds a B.A. degree in Bible. He also holds M.A. and D.P.T. degrees in pastoral theology. His long tenure in the pulpit ministry, his service in the Christian school classroom, and his burden for young people have equipped him well to serve as the superintendent of our Christian school.
Bryan Fry, MEd Assistant Administrator bryan.fry@gowscs.com Mr. Bryan Fry has a B.S. in Bible and Secondary English Education from Pillsbury Baptist College. He also earned his M. Ed. In Educational Administration from Baptist Bible College (Clarks Summit University) in Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania. Bryan taught secondary classes and served as an assistant high school principal while at a school in Frederick, Maryland from 1997 until 2010. Then, from 2010- 2021, he served as the school administrator at a Christian school near Albany, New York. During his career, he has taught a wide variety of classes including English, Bible, speech, drama, computer applications, drama, and journalism. He has also gained a wealth of experience in school administration. Bryan has a love for technology and was instrumental in adopting, installing, and maintaining much of the technology infrastructure at his previous school. He works with the technology here as well. . Above all, Bryan loves serving the Lord. He has said that he would love to “assist the school in accomplishing its mission in any way God may allow.”
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